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Since 2017, White Paper Media Consulting has been on a mission to empower decision-making using data, knowledge, and information.

From focused insights to a bird's-eye view, we craft knowledge products that command headlines, position brands as thought leaders, and influence change. 

We've made our mark by our understanding of localized complexities  and drivers of the UAE, wider Middle East, and Africa region. 
Headquartered in Dubai, WPM has partnered with blue chip clients, international organizations and public institutions across the globe.


We embrace a nuanced and in-depth approach to develop compelling narratives that initiate action and engagement.


The scope of data, is decided by each individual project according to your objectives and goals. We use both primary and secondary data, including designing and implementing surveys.
All of the data used and cited is verified and checked for accuracy.



To develop a compelling narrative, we support white papers with contextual research that puts data in perspective within a particular framework. 

All research is cited and verified.



Using both contextual research and data, we develop insights that provide focus, perspective, and perspicacity.  
Our balanced approach creates confidence, transparency, and authenticity.  


From eye-catching infographics to a clean and accessible design, our knowledge products deliver value across the knowledge ecosystem. 
Our clients appreciate that we meticulously follow their brand guidelines to seamlessly merge within an organization's voice.


Our knowledge products are available in multi-channel and multi-lingual formats. 

We have a solid track record of delivering projects on time and diligently follow all project specs requested by our clients.


Founded by journalism veterans Shalini Seth and Yazad Darasha, WPM is rooted in the principles of veracity, accuracy, and timeliness. With their pulse on global trends, emerging markets, and cultural shifts, Shalini and Yazad bring over 50 years of combined experience to the table. 
Photo of Shalini Seth, White Paper Media

Shalini Seth 

A journalist and author with a background in social empowerment and transformation, Shalini has developed, launched, and managed knowledge products in sectors like hospitality, luxury, personal finance, and banking.


Her skills in moderating and capturing tacit knowledge through events, conferences, and interviews lend depth and nuance to knowledge products. 

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Photo of Yazad Darasha, White Paper Media

Yazad Darasha

A knowledge and technology entrepreneur and financial journalist, Yazad is an expert in thought leadership positioning through his data-driven approach and strategic information architecture design

He brings a keen eye to uncovering meaningful insights from multiple data sources and relevant contextual research. 

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What story is your data telling?

We are passionate about telling stories powered by data, information and contextual research.

Partner with us to craft a bespoke knowledge product that makes an impact.

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