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The gig economy in East Africa

WHITE PAPER: The emerging concept of gig work and its impact on financial inclusion

Gig economy facilitates financial inclusion

WHITE PAPER: Powered by digital tools, the gig landscape in East Africa is empowering informal sector workers

Gig work plays out differently for a freelancer in New York, a delivery rider in the UAE, and an informal sector worker in Kenya. WPM was tasked with presenting survey data on East Africa’s gig workers in a format that bridges this gap, highlighting the relevance of this work in the financial inclusion landscape of the region.

The white paper encapsulates the findings, matching them with aspirations, and supporting them with secondary data and infographics. The final product design ensures reader-friendliness in consonance with brand guidelines.

Information Sources

  • Survey data
  • Interviews
  • Global and market-specific contextual research

Project Activity 

  • Content structure
  • Contextual research
  • Writing, editing, proofreading
  • Design and Development of charts and infographics
  • Design and production of the report using brand guidelines

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