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Investment opportunity briefs

WHITE PAPERS: Sector-specific reports that accentuate showcasing areas of profitable investment

Sectors to invest in

A deep dive into sectors that can be game changers for new investors

WPM was asked to develop investment-focused white papers that showcase opportunities in various sectors. The requirement was to use investor-orientated data, information, and lexicon, to ensure resonance with investment promotion agencies. Using statistics, data, and credible information, a roadmap for investments was created across sectors including Green Economy, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Transport, Islamic Economy, Medical Tourism, Digital Economy, Blockchain, and Creative Economy, among others.

Information Sources

  • Government policies, strategies, and statistics
  • Data and information from credible global indexes

Project Activity 

  • Content structure
  • Data analysis
  • Contextual research
  • Development of charts and infographics
  • Writing, editing, proofreading

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